General Legal Counsel

At Beaumont Tashjian, we know that while the people who make up a volunteer board of directors are undoubtedly dedicated to the success of their community, they may not always understand or appreciate the full extent of the legal ramifications of their service. We provide general legal counsel to common interest development communities, collaborating with boards to provide the expertise and tools necessary to protect themselves, serve their membership and ensure smooth and efficient operations. We offer our clients a wealth of expertise obtained from devoting our practice to a single area of law and from an exceptional commitment to the unique needs of its clients and their communities. Some key areas include:

  • Election rules, voting procedures and board and meeting protocol
  • Board resolutions and policies on issues such as mold, water damage and satellite dish installation
  • Maintenance responsibility and risk assessment
  • Enforcement policies and methods
  • Legal opinion letters
  • Assessment collections, focusing on judicial foreclosure and small claims court assistance
  • Dispute resolution, including disciplinary hearings, internal dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and litigation
  • Governing document amendments, interpretations and enforcement
  • Contracts, including review, drafting and negotiation with vendors
  • Real estate transactions
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Board and owner codes of conduct

Legal Counseling to Success

Beaumont Tashjian will counsel your association to success, from preparing election voting rules and regulations and mold and water damage and satellite dish installation policies, to assisting you in risk assessment, effective enforcement, and general legal counsel matters.

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