Assessment Collection Technology Services

Beaumont Tashjian’s Assessment Collection Technology Service (BT ACTS) is a 24-hour, full-service online collection recovery system that significantly streamlines your community’s collection process.

Delivering Real-Time Results

Now more than ever, boards need the very latest information regarding delinquent accounts in order to make informed and educated decisions in the collection process. BT ACTS eliminates archaic monthly status reports and allows managers to check the status of delinquent accounts online for real-time updates and information.

BT ACTS also tracks the relevant statutory time frames of each delinquent account so that unnecessary delays are not only minimized, but prevented. Our calendaring system alerts us to the “next step” which prevents unintentional hold-ups and guarantees prompt assessment recovery as soon as legally possible.

BT ACTS also provides managers with the following benefits:

  • Online referral of delinquent accounts – Refer new accounts by completing basic information online.
  • Real time accounting of attorney’s fees and costs – Access information to determine the exact amount of attorney’s fees and costs incurred on a particular account.
  • Auto generated status reports – Request that auto generated status reports be sent directly to manager’s inbox at any time during the month to ensure receipt prior to board meetings.
  • Instant communication – Input case notes on a specific file that is automatically forwarded to our collection team, ensuring a true collaborative effort.
  • Access and customer support – Access to all the benefits provided for all BT clients. In addition, BT’s trained staff members educate your managers through webinars and are available via phone to ensure ease in using BT ACTS.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please contact us if you have any questions at (866) 788-9998.

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